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I engaged Khim, my design consultant, for a solution to install window grills for two small side windows for my children's safety, one of which was in the kitchen and was extremely close to my kitchen cabinets. Hence I understand it would be challenging to install the grills without blocking the opening of the nearby kitchen cabinet. However, Khim helped to think of alternative solutions on how to install the grills without blocking the opening and considered how the grills should be fixed in so that it is safe and meet my requirements, which is really very much appreciated. Finally when the grills are nicely fixed up, at least now I am more assured that my babies will not be at the open windows without the grill barriers for safety. This helps a lot especially for parents with young children. Really grateful for Khim's service! Highly recommended to engage him if need any interior home works.

Peter Lee

The person who was in charge of my reno is KHIM. He is a sincere guy. He pays attention to details as required by us. Without doubt, there would definitely be hiccups in coordination with the different subcontractors which sometimes may have been avoided. Nevertheless, i would still recommend to my friends to KHIM and his supportive company to carry out renovation. Prices are reasonable depending on your requirements. I was in a way fortunate to start reno just after CNY and it took more 2 months which normally could be completed in less than 2 months. In this covid climate, shortage of skill workers can be an issue. We just have to be more vigilant ourselves to ensure quality workmanship. Thank you Khim for being responsive and responsible to carry out the works to our satisfaction.

Ai Lin Ngo

Khim was very helpful and honest. Home handover was on time. Reno done was excellent Did a very good job Overall satisfied with job rendered Enjoying our makeover home!!


Khim is full of ideas and practical solutions for issues that excited homeowners might overlook! Thanks to him, we have avoided multiple blunders! Like all renovations, things do go wrong, but Khim is not one to shy away from the problems and he remains contactable and responsible at all times. He is always on top of things and his willingness to communicate and resolve any issues makes him a joy to work with! Best decision you will ever make for any new homeowners and he is upfront and transparent with the pricing! No hidden costs and marketing gimmicks!


Like to give Khim πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» on his fast and efficient service! He has been very patient and good advise to resolve the matter as well! Thank you for all the help given! Definitely recommended to anyone to engage his service!

Jas Mine

Accommodating and quick to respond to my quick reno project and did a good job

Ed Ny

Home Indulgence Studio is an Enthusiastic & Innovative leading Interior Design Firm in Singapore with an aim to bring your DREAM Interior Designs to life. We offer our customers Knowledge, Experience and a Peace Of Mind with an unrivalled passion for all things interior.

Coupled with an Unique and Diverse set of skills enabling us to apply a multi disciplinary approach to any project & working in tandem with our esteemed Suppliers/Vendors, We offer an integrated One Stop Design solution for you.

Minimalist, Clean, Functional and Beautiful, come Indulge in our Interior Designs today!

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